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SAML Authentication
SAML Authentication
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Organizations can set up SAML-based single sign-on (SSO), giving users access to talkspirit through an identity provider (IDP) of your choice.

This configuration can be done from the "Authentication" tab of the admin dashboard.

1. Enable SAML on your talkspirit platform

Fill in the form above with wrong data in order to be able to enable SAML.

Once SAML is enabled, the following URL should be available:
This page gives you access to information you need to set up your identity provider.

2. Configuring the identity provider

You can then set up a connection with your identify provider (IP).

3. Configuring the talkspirit connection

After that, you can configure your platform:

  • you can choose which identity provider you use (OneLogin, Okta, ADFS or Generic for others like Azure).

  • the label of the button which will be displayed on the Log In page (optionnal)

  • the issuer URL

  • the SSO endpoint (this is where you go when you try to login)

  • the SLO URL (logout URL)

  • the certificat (provided by your IP)

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