Integrating web services
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talkspirit allows you to integrate the web services you work with on a daily basis.

To show the list of available services:

  • Click the gear icon at the top of the left-hand navigation menu

  • Click on the Integrations link

Services for what?

Each day we work with more and more web services. These services allow teams to work more effectively in every field: marketing, sales, customer relations, development, human resources, name just a few.

By integrating the major web services available to talkspirit, we hope to offer teams and organizations a unique consultation and interaction interface for the entire range of activities within these services which should be shared with others.

Some integration examples:

  • Facebook: be notified of new posts on your company's page or in a public group you belong to

  • RSS: automatically receive notifications of new publications on your topics to watch

  • Trello: be notified of new cards posted in one of your boards and their activity

  • Twitter: be notified of a new mention or tweet published with a hashtag

Available services

The following web services are available to directly integrate with talkspirit:

You can also configure incoming webhooks.

Thanks to the Zapier service, talkspirit can connect with more than 500 web services.

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