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Create posts with incoming webhooks
Create posts with incoming webhooks
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talkspirit allows you to automatically receive posts from a web service each time an HTTP POST request is sent to a secret URL.

Configuring a new incoming webhook

  • Click the gear icon at the top of the left-hand navigation menu

  • Click on the Integrations link

  • Look for Incoming webhook, and click the Add button

  • Choose the group you want to integrate posts into

  • Enter a title for this webhook (optional)

  • Click on Add

The service will supply you with a secret URL address on which to perform your requests. Information should be sent in a JSON format in the body of a POST request.


Data will be shown in talkspirit in this way:

Nb: You can assign labels to posts created with the webhooks. To do so, you must send a new attribute "labels" in the body of the post, which contains an array of ids of labels you want to assign. The ids of the labels can be obtained in the url when you filter the wall with labels.


Deleting a webhook

According to the group's defined privileges, a webhook configured within a group can be deleted by all group members, group managers or by an administrator.

To delete a webhook, click the Manage tab of the page associated with the webhook. Then click Delete next to the name of the service you want to remove.

Deleting a webhook doesn't delete content that has already been posted.

To learn more

Go to our dedicated site for developers:

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