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You want to join your organization's social network but don't have any account yet? In this article, you’ll find more information on the different ways to register.

Who should read this article ?

This article is for future administrators, members and guests.

You can join your Talkspirit platform in two ways:

  • By accepting an invitation request by email,

  • By registering directly from your platform by email or via an identifier (but only if this feature has been activated by an administrator).

How to create your account ?

Join Talkspirit thanks to an invitation

You’ll receive an email inviting you to join your Talkspirit platform. Fill in your information by indicating your first name, your last name and your password.

After accepting the general terms of use, click on "OK".

You didn't receive any email?

Contact the project manager in your organization.

Please check that the email isn’t in your spam or junk mail. If none of this helps you, please contact us.

Join Talkspirit without invitation

If the administrator of your platform has set it up, it’s possible. You now need to have the url of your platform: it always ends with "".

You can register in two ways:

  • By entering your email address if you have one,

  • By filling in an identifier that the administrator will have sent you.

Warning: these two options need to be set up by the administrator on the platform.

  1. Register with an email

Once you’re on the homepage of your platform, you just have to click on "Sign up" and fill in your email address.

You’ll then receive a link allowing you to complete your information in order to create your account.

2. Register with an identifier

You don't have any email address? You can still register. To do so, the administrator must give you an identifier.

Once you’ve entered the code, all you have to do is fill in your information to create your account! You’ll then instantly access the platform, without having to receive a link by email.

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