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Coming soon on your platform

🖥️ - Create user attribute with custom list.

Soon, administrators will have the ability to create a custom user attribute with a predefined list of criteria.

Already available on your platform

🖥️ - Create Chat Categories and Sort them alphabetically.

You have the ability to create Chat Categories to help you organize your Chat Rooms.

It also possible to choose between sorting your Chat rooms alphabetically or in order of last activity.

🖥️ - Create and share a unique knowledge base.

You are able to gather all your "cold" content in a library to create a single source of information, and thus facilitate access to your various resources.

You will be able to facilitate the transmission of knowledge within your organization.

🖥️ - Don't miss your colleagues' birthdays anymore !

You are able to activate the birthday feature from the administration to allow platform users to view their colleagues' birthdays and company anniversaries!

🖥️ - Get notify when your drive files are edited

Receive notifications when documents in your drives are :

  • imported,

  • created,

  • moved,

  • restored from the trash can.

📱🖥️ - Create home portals by audience and organize your content in a customized way.

  • Create different home portals that you can address to distinct audiences.

  • Share your content in the format of your choice and organize it in a personalized way on your page.

  • Access to your news from your computer, but also on mobile!

🖥️ - The videoconferencing service is evolving

You can now set up your entry to the video conference room before joining the exchanges:

  • activate/deactivate your microphone

  • activate/deactivate your camera

  • select a background to apply as a background.

You also can create rooms attached to the main meeting to exchange in small groups or in working groups on topics of your choice.

🖥️ - Share your important publications by email with the Newsletter module

You can share the publications of your open groups that you think are important by email! Offer visibility on your structure's news to the platform's users by sending them an email newsletter!

🖥️ - Mark your chat messages as unread

You can mark chat messages you want to come back as unread. You can then come back and read them later!

🖥️ - Reset user passwords

You can now reset user passwords by emailing them a reset link or generating a password of your choice.

🖥️ - Give more visibility to the comments you post

Administrators can now allow group managers to highlight comments they share, to make them stand out more in the thread.

🖥️ - Create different portals on the homepage

Create a personalized homepage portal for each audience you have (one portal per department, geographical area or theme for example) and allow your employees to learn about topics of their interest only!

📱- Define the menus of the mobile application you wish to display.

You will be able to choose to display up to 3 entries of your choice from the different Talkspirit modules. Customize the access to information for your platform users!

🖥️ - Assign group administrators

You can now delegate the management of groups created on your platform to a member without giving them access to all the administration features!

🖥️ - Appoint administrators for people sets

You can now delegate the management of user sets created on your platform to a member without giving them access to all the administration features!

📱🖥️ - Publish as an entity / 🖥️ - Comment as an entity

You can allow platform users to share a post under a name other than their personal account name in groups.

Users will be able to share any information under a company profile (name of a department, a committee...) that you will have previously created from the administration.

📱- Share images, text or a url link to the mobile app

Are you browsing on mobile and targeting a piece of information that you think should be shared with your employees? Share images, a url link or text directly on the Talkspirit mobile app!

📱🖥️ - Reply to a comment

You can reply to comments shared in a post's thread.

📱🖥️ - Launch Livenow interactive webinars

Make your remote meetings more dynamic! Host interactive webinars, collaborate on whiteboards, create webinar sub-meetings...

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