Confirmation messages or toasts give informations. They do not require any action from the user and are automatically displayed when you create or share information. The message appears for a few seconds and then disappears by itself.

You can however close this message if necessary by selecting the cross icon.

The toast message appears when:

  • the user creates a new post or event,

  • the user publishes a piece of information on the homepage,

  • the user saves a post in his drafts,

  • the user saves a draft on the homepage,

  • the user schedules a post,

  • the user deletes a post, an event or a file from the drive,

  • the user accepts a person that doesn't own a Talkspirit's account on a videoconference link,

NB: If the user is already connected to the videoconference then the message is displayed in the videoconference.

If the user isn't connected to the videoconference yet, the videoconference opens when the organizer accepts the person to join the meeting: the message is then displayed in the videoconference.

  • the user modifies the recipient of a document in the drive, a post or an event,

  • the user uploads a document to the drive,

  • the user uploads a document to a drive folder,

  • the user creates a new folder in the drive,

  • the user leaves a chat room,

  • the user leaves a group.

Who can receive a confirmation message

All users of the platform can receive a toast message.

Good to know

Some toast messages may include a link. You can quickly access the shared information by selecting this link.

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Message, toast, confirmation, information, announcement, post, creation, content.

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