Your trial period on the platform is coming to an end and you want to subscribe to a paid plan? You have chosen the free Essentials plan and would like to have additional features?

If you're an administrator or an owner, you can subscribe to a paid plan from a free platform.

To do so, you need to

  • go to the Administration,

  • select the Licences & Plan tab.


  • scroll down the page,

  • and select Buy to subscribe to the paid plan you wish to obtain.

You'll be redirected to a new page.

You will be able to choose to subscribe to a yearly or monthly plan and choose the number of licenses you want.

Please, note that the minimum number of licenses is calculated according to the number of active users on your platform.

Note: if you wish to subscribe to 500 licenses or more, please contact us.

After filling in this information, you will be able to access a summary of your order calculated according to the following information:

  • the type of the chosen subscription (annual or monthly),

  • the chosen offer (standard or premium),

  • the number of licenses desired.

Please note that by validating this information, you accept the terms and conditions of Sale.

You must then fill in the billing information for your organization. You'll be asked for:

  • the first name of the main contact,

  • the name of the main contact,

  • the company name of your structure,

  • the billing address,

  • the postal code of your organization,

  • the city of your organization,

  • the country of your organization,

  • the VAT number of your company.

You can generate a quote and share it for validation if needed by clicking on Download a quote.

Once the quote is validated, you can subscribe to this subscription by selecting the Order button.

You must then select the desired payment method. You can pay by:

  • credit card,

  • direct debit,

  • transfers.

Once you have selected the payment method and entered your banking information, you can enter a discount coupon in the dedicated field.

The summary of your order is then updated. You just have to select Validate to confirm your subscription.

Your platform will then be instantly updated: you'll be able to access the new features.

Who can take out a paid subscription?

Only the platform administrators can subscribe to a paid subscription, from the Administration.

Can I subscribe to the Essentials, Standard and Premium offers?

It is only possible to subscribe to a paid plan if you already have a free plan with the Essentials offer. If you've already subscribed to a Standard or Premium plan and wish to change your subscription, please contact us.

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