The rise and development of the Internet has forever changed our relationship with information.
Agile organizations understand that information is now the fuel of collective intelligence. Facilitating access to information, ensuring a good flow of information, and allowing to leverage information are key to enabling a good understanding of the environment inside and outside the organization and thus facilitate day-to-day decision making.

The company's social network plays an essential role in the circulation of information throughout the whole organization. In fact, it is one of its main functions beyond "connecting" the entire organization.

The dissemination of news, key information and events of the organization define one of the missions of internal communication. These activities will be carried out with the same attention and the same professional rules as on other media when these messages target a large audience.

Ensure the dissemination of the company's information

  • Create a group dedicated to the company's information. This will most often be the General group, created by default when you create your platform.

  • Publish a welcome message or the description of the group to introduce the group, its operating method and its main contributors or managers. If your group targets several hundred people and if publication within the group is open to all its members, make sure that everyone understands the group's scope. 

  • Publish each company news item with a publication or event. Enhance your publication with visuals in the form of an attachment or a gallery. Prefer the event format if you want to know the members' participation. 

  • To increase the visibility of specific content, use the Set as Important option which will place your post at the top of the user's News Feed for a set period of time until the user sees it. 

  • To give your post even more exposure, use the Live Video feature and invite the company executive to speak on the news topic at a specific date and time. He or she can then speak directly to your social network in live video streaming, allowing everyone to react to the news feed and those who were unable to participate to replay it. 

  • Animate and follow the discussion.

  • Regularly survey your colleagues on the frequency and quality of information shared and ensure that the group is playing its role to the fullest.


  • You can automatically set the information to the date and time of your choice by using the programming function.

  • If the group has a reach of several hundred members, add the group to a "Institutional Groups" or "Open Groups" theme or name the group "@ all - Group Name" to help your users easily find it.

  • Expressing oneself or participating is not always easy, especially in the context of a large audience. Create the security framework to encourage the participation of your colleagues by encouraging them to participate and by ensuring a supportive atmosphere within the group.

  • Some examples of content that you can broadcast on your organisation's news feed: the arrival of new colleagues, a seminar, the joy of an important new customer, the pleasure of a contest, the launch of a new product or service, your presence at a trade show, ...

Frequently Asked Questions: 

I already have an Intranet, does the corporate social network replace it?
There is no single answer according to the uses you have developed on your Intranet. It is clear, however, that the operation of the information distribution group described in this article competes with the News page or news feed that you probably have on your Intranet. It will then be essential to question the interest of this page and decide whether to maintain it or replace it with the corporate social network to avoid confusing your users. 

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