Bringing several people together in the same place at the same time is becoming increasingly difficult and costly in a multi-site organization, teleworking and nomadism or even freelancing with the increasing use of external expertise.
The use of virtual or online meetings has therefore logically evolved considerably as our working methods have evolved. 

Talkspirit provides complete support to enable your teams to meet and work online thanks to a set of functions that we present hereafter. 

Organizing an online meeting

  • If you are looking for a date that is convenient for as many participants as possible, post a message including a survey with a proposed date. Assign the users to send a notification and let them know you are waiting for their response.

  • In the group concerned by your meeting, publish an event to inform your colleagues of the date and time of the meeting. Specify that it is an online meeting that will take place via audio, video conferencing or by phone. Publish an agenda in the description and enable the Reply to invitation request option to identify potential attendees.

  • On the day of the meeting, open a video conference in your group chat room. See our article Organizing a video conference to take advantage of all the features of talkspirit. 

  • At the same time, open a collaborative document or a new publication to input the meeting report. If it is a collaborative document, publish it in your group and then invite your colleagues to interact with you on it during the meeting. Your document is saved as you edit it.

Enjoy your meetings!

Discover other usage cases to accompany the digital transformation of your organization and work with talkspirit on a daily basis.

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