Crisis communication is one of the dimensions of communication which, as its name suggests, responds to a particular situation, unexpected and requiring both a rapid reaction and constant communication throughout its handling.

The company's social network, as a digital platform bringing together all the members of your organisation in one place, is an ideal support to facilitate coordination and information on a large scale. 

How to manage crisis communication with talkspirit?

Talkspirit can intervene at several levels: 

  • Crisis unit. Through a project group mobilising key stakeholders, decision-makers and communicators to analyze the situation, monitor actions, coordinate and decide. 

  • Dissemination and sharing of information. Through a group disseminating information or announcements to all members. 

  • Monitoring. Through a specific monitoring group dedicated to the crisis.

  • Monitoring of social media. Through a social media monitoring group when your company is directly concerned by this crisis.

Setting up a Crisis Unit group

  • Create a group for the communication committee or the management committee.

  • Deploy a chat to benefit from instant communication with all members and group video conferencing.

  • Share information within the group on a regular basis. Use assignments to notify individual members of a particular expected action.

  • Prepare publications within the group to be shared with all your members. Use labels to flag the status of the publication in your approval workflow before it is released.

Disseminate regular information to all members.

  • Use the General Group or a group dedicated to this crisis for all members, to inform your organization on a regular basis about the evolution of the situation, the actions taken and the actions to come. 

Carry out monitoring

  • Create a group dedicated to a monitoring activity associated with the crisis. This monitoring can be carried out in the same way as your market or competitive monitoring by integrating the sources of content relevant to your group and thus automatically receive the news.

Monitor your social media

  • Create a group dedicated to the attention of your company or your brands if you are directly concerned by the crisis in order to better communicate internally what is being said about you externally.

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