A competition market monitoring is a regularly updated analysis of the situation of your competitors, their news, their innovations. It allows you to update the analysis of opportunities and threats revealed by your market.
In a context of a globalized market and where information is globally more easily accessible, the implementation of a market monitoring has become both simpler and more accessible. Subscribing to or monitoring a few well-chosen sources of information allows you to maintain a good level of information and knowledge of the evolution of your market. 

How do you carry out your market monitoring on Talkspirit?

Talkspirit enables you to carry out your competition monitoring by systematically and automatically receiving publications within a group when your information sources publish content.

You therefore stay up to date with the information published by your competitors, experts or opinion leaders in your market by collecting their content directly on Talkspirit in a dedicated group. The information collected in this way can then be shared and commented on by involving the employees and teams concerned.

Setting up a group dedicated to market monitoring

  • Create a competition monitoring group dedicated to this activity or ask the administrator of your platform to create one.

  • Prepare your group by selecting the sources of information that are useful to you to follow the news of your market. 

  • Integrate these sources of information using an RSS integration (when the site or blog has an RSS feed). Your competitor's news page or blog, your market leaders' opinion blog and Google news can be good sources of information.

  • Invite members within your organization who are directly concerned about this topic to join you.

Good practices :

  • When you integrate content in an automated way, prefer a dedicated group to avoid drowning your other content in a volume of contributions that can become significant.

  • Regularly evaluate the relevance and volume of information received to update content sources. Remove integrations that publish too much or too irrelevant information.

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