The administrator can customize users profiles.

This can be done from the dashboard, Profiles section.

Manage fields

By clicking the Manage fields button, a popup will be opened to manage fields.

  • Attributes can be made "required": if a user hasn't filled in a required attribute, an alert topbar will be displayed, asking him to update his profile

  • New attributes can be created by choosing a name (which will ne displayed on the profile), a type which will be used to verify the format of the value typed in, a description which will be displayed to help the user fill in the attribute.

  • Once create, an attribute can be defined as a contact attribute to be displayed in the contact section of the profile.

When an attribute is deleted, all the data defined by users will be deleted.

Default attributes cannot be deleted but can be hidden.

Manage display

From the Profile page, you can choose what will be displayed.

4 sections are defined:

  • The profile image area in the profile panel displays 2 attributes above the user avatar

  • The main area lists the attributes displayed in the panel

  • The contact area list de contact attributes at the bottom of the panel

  • The profile directory card corresponds to the card displayed in the directory and on the orgchart.

You can sort fields displayed in the main area and the contact area.

You cannot display contact fields in the main area and inversely, the contact area can displays only contact fields.

The profile image area and the directory card cannot display large text fields.

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