Adopt yourself the practices you recommend for your colleagues. Why should they have the time and willingness to do something you don't do yourself? 

Similarly, distributing information through multiple channels can be completely counterproductive to the development of collaborative practices. There is an invisible pointer for each user and for each organization in adopting new ways of working that involve better information sharing.

Switching from one mode of information sharing / communication to another, one that is more open, more transparent, more collaborative, will not happen immediately. Do not underestimate the efforts needed to help some people to "change" their practices, leave their comfort zone, move from a logic where information belongs to them (this is my mailbox) to a logic where information belongs to the groups created as a support for the projects they serve.

Some may have thought for a moment that it was enough to deploy a tool to let the "magic" work. "If the tool serves a purpose, it will be used and it will deploy itself," I heard a few years ago. This is not the case! The paradigm shift that we are experiencing in the transformation of our working methods requires energy, rigour, perseverance and exemplary behaviour at all times. So, gradually, the magic takes place: in the same way that the fax replaced the mail or that the email has replaced the fax in the past, the collaboration platforms (enhanced by the new capacities offered by integration and automatisms) will gradually end up replacing the tools that preceded them.

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