Talkspirit allows you to activate a videoconferencing service to hold interactive meetings with multiple participants. 

Administrators can enable the talkspirit video conferencing service from the Administration in the Video Conferencing section.

Activating the service causes the Start Video Conf. button to appear in all chat rooms (individual or group).

Launch a video conference

To start a video conference, click the Video conf. button in the desired room.

A Join button appears in the chat and allows each member to connect to the video conferencing room.

Video conferencing takes place in a new window and allows members to hold a virtual meeting with or without video and audio enabled.

Screen sharing is possible by clicking on the respective button. 

Talkspirit users who have the link can access the video conference, even if they are not part of the room from which the video conference was initiated.

People who are not part of Talkspirit can join the video conference by phone only. A local phone number is available behind the Call in icon, as well as a meeting ID code to be entered immediately after dialing the phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which browsers are supported?
The officially supported browsers are the following:

  • Chrome (2 last versions)
  • Firefox (2 last versions)
  • Safari (2 last versions)

Microsoft Edge is not officially supported, if you have no other choice we advise you to use the latest version (based on Chromium).

Videoconferencing is also available via our mobile application, available on iOS and Android.

What is the member limit for video conferencing?
Video conferencing is limited to 8 participants with video enabled for performance reasons. This limit can be increased to 15 when all participants have their video turned off. 

How many video conferences can take place at the same time?
There is no limit. 

What is a meeting's time limit?
There is no limit.

How many people can join the meeting's phone bridge?
There is no limit.

What is the service cost?
The service is included in the subscription to the service. Options and new services will be proposed soon and may be included in a service offer subject to an additional subscription. 

What are the planned evolutions?
We are going to allow each talkspirit user member to have their own video conference room to invite other members as well as people from outside the talkspirit service.
We are going to raise the limit from 8 to 30+ participants in a single video conference.
We are going to offer a video conference recording service.

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