Deploying a collaborative platform is neither an objective nor an end in itself. It is a means to accompany a transition, a transformation of working methods to adapt to an increasingly complex environment.

Therefore, the choice to deploy a collaborative platform is most often a decision at the highest level of the organization and aims for greater organizational agility, a stronger cohesion and sense of belonging, a stronger capacity for innovation... Ideally, the business leader will carry this vision. It can be published on the social network as a welcome message, at the launch of the project or at the beginning of the deployment phase after an initial trial phase.

If the general management is not at the initiative of the project, we recommend that you identify a sponsor who can bring legitimacy to the project and give the necessary impulse to create the framework favourable to the

However, your communication cannot focus exclusively on the long-term benefits for the organization. We encourage you to also communicate about the concrete benefits that employees should expect from such a project and what they stand to gain from it.

Some concrete individual benefits of the corporate social network

Here are some individual benefits you can communicate about:

  • Less time spent searching for information
  • Less time spent in your inbox (filing, archiving, being solicited, .. )
  • Easier to share documents, manage versions, etc.
  • Less time spent in meetings (better sharing / syncing)
  • A more transparent organization with a better understanding of what is happening inside and outside the organization
  • Increased proximity with peers
  • A richer collaborative work experience

Actions to implement at the launch of your corporate social network:

  • Interview the manager or sponsor to write the welcome message
  • Communicate this message on various communication media
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