The General group is a group of news or announcements created automatically with your platform. We recommend that you keep this group as the "Default Group" that each member automatically joins when they register.

Use this group for any announcement of general interest aimed at all members on your platform such as announcements from the project sponsor, the launch of new groups, or a particular event related to the project or your organization. 

Successfully launch the General group

The General Group is a driving force in the deployment of a project. It thus serves as an example for any other group open to all. It is therefore important to ensure the quality of the exchanges that will take place there. 

The more your group offers a reassuring environment, the easier it is for you to facilitate the members' participation. Group facilitation and moderation are of particular importance here. This will reduce the natural self-censorship of members when the conditions for participation are not clear.

Before inviting all the members in your project, publish a welcome message. Ideally, involve the project sponsor to give immediate legitimacy to the process and to set the general framework. 

Write a welcome message

Some ideas to create your message: 

  • Greeting
  • Remind the project's general context: why are you launching this project, this platform?
  • What personal benefits will members be able to gain from using the platform? 
  • What collective benefits will this platform bring in the long term? 
  • What are the main groups open to all so people are encouraged to discover them?
  • What are the next steps in the project?
  • Pin this publication to give it visibility at the top of the group.


Name "@all - name of the group" the groups open to all on your platform to help everyone become aware that the group is open to all when they express themselves or share content in that group.

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