The success of a corporate social network is linked to the success of each group composing it. 

The success of a group is based on achieving the objectives assigned to it and the perceived benefits for its members (time saving when searching for information, problem solving, greater simplicity in the execution of a project, better experience, appreciation and recognition, socialization, ...). 

If a project group functions simply by the regular contributions of the team that participates in it, announcement or thematic groups require quality content to encourage adhesion and participation. Within these groups, less than 5% of users will publish more than 50% of the content. For these groups, identifying the members who will be the main contributors and involving them in the launch of the group is a necessary prerequisite. 

Depending on the nature of the groups you create and their objectives, we invite you to ask yourself a few questions before launching your group. They will allow you to put all the chances on your side to successfully launch and manage your group on a daily basis. 

Once your corporate social network has been launched, when members want to create a group, send them this list of questions to help them project themselves. There is nothing more disappointing than a social network that looks like a graveyard of abandoned groups! 

Preparing to launch your group

Download the sheet for launching a group

Purpose of the group

  • What exactly do we want to do within the group?
  • What problems do we want to solve?
  • What "doesn't work" or works "not well" and what should the platform provide as an answer?
  • What benefits are expected?
  • What will enable us to say: "we succeeded"!


  • What content will be shared within the group?
  • Is this content sensitive? Can they be shared freely within the group? 
  • Is there an internal policy that limits their distribution? 

Contributors and content sources

  • Where are the contents?
  • How is it accessible?
  • How is it currently distributed?
  • Who will be the main contributors?
  • Can the content be automatically aggregated?


  • Who should access this content? Is there a confidentiality issue? 
  • Should a new member on the platform join this group by default? 
  • Who will be the members?
  • Are there any "guests" expected?


  • Are there rules specific to this group?
  • If it is a private group, on what criteria will we decide to accept or refuse a member's application?
  • What tools are we going to give up in our way of working for this group to succeed?
  • Which ones will we continue to use as a complement and for what purpose?
  • What is the position of the management line on this initiative? Is it a sponsor of the initiative? 

Name and description of the group

  • Is there a naming rule? 
  • How will the group be presented in the group directory? 


  • How will the group be made visible to its audience? Is communication planned? Invitations? 
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