Do you want to implement a corporate social network for your organization? Congratulations! This type of project is complex because it affects the way we work, both individually and collectively. 

To start in the best conditions, we recommend that you think about these 6 questions within the management or steering committee in charge of implementing the project. 

By working on these questions, you will ensure that the main figures of the project, including the sponsor, understand and are aligned. Your answers will feed into the communication plan which will accompany the launch of the project. 

Who is the target of this project? 

Does the project concern all collaborators? Or only a part of them? Will it be open to partners, freelancers or other third parties? 

What problems do we want to solve? 

What are the difficulties encountered? How are they expressed? Can they be ordered by severity?
Some examples of challenges: 

  • Improving internal communication, better spreading information in a multi-directional way
  • Developing internal cohesion, developing a sense of belonging
    Accompanying the organization's cultural transformation towards more transparency, trust, leadership, ... 
  • Working better together in a project-based system
  • Developing mutual aid, valuing experts, sharing and spreading knowledge more effectively
  • Accelerating the solving of complex situations requiring greater cross-functionality
  • Innovating, encouraging the flow of ideas and the implementation of solutions
  • Stimulating everyone's participation in the company's project and in different focus groups

What benefits do we expect from this project? 

  • What are the short term benefits of this project? On an individual (of each member) and collective level? What about in the medium and longer term?

What context does this project take place in? 

  • Is the context (HR, technical, ...) favourable? Are there any obstacles identified? Is there a legal context that restricts us? 
  • What are the identified conditions or obstacles for this project's success?

How we will measure the success of the project:

  • How will we know that we have succeeded? How will we be able to measure it?  Qualitatively / quantitatively

Who is the sponsor of the project? 

What is the target timeline for deployment to the target audience? 

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