Once you've added a GA tag to the admin, you can access advanced stats thanks to the events which are published in GA

Chat usage stats

You can for instance create a widget on your GA dashboard to follow the number of users who uses the chat. To do so, create a new timeline widget.

You can then select the "Users" stat and add a "Event action" = "chat" filter. You will get a timeline of the number of users generating "chat" events (which corresponds to new chat messages).

Available events

Here is the list of available events:

  • category=publication and action=chat : publication of a private chat message
  • category=publication and action=groupchat : publication of a chat message in a room
  • category=publication and action=post : publication of a post or an event in a group
  • category=publication and action=privatepost : publication of a post or an event to a user in private
  • category=publication and action=privatepostmulti :publication of a post or an event to several users in private
  • category=publication and action=comment :publication of a comment
  • category=publication and action=like :like of a post or a comment
  • category=search and action=group id or all and label=keywords : search query
  • category=oodrive and action=sharefiles : sharing files using oodrive
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