All of an organization's administrators can access the subscription section (visible through the gear icon at the top of the left-hand navigation menu) but only the owner can modify the subscription.

The owner can transfer their ownership rights to another of the platform's administrators.

What are talkspirit's plans?

talkspirit provides a unique paid Pro plan.

The Pro plan allows the user to benefit of more advanced features destined for team collaboration. It also provides additional administrative functions to control, manage and deploy talkspirit across an entire organization.

More information about this plan can be found on our website:

What happens when I've reached the assigned number of licences for team members or external users?

When you reach the limit provided for in your subscription, an alert will invite you to increase the number of your licences.

I've just suspended users, what impact does this have?

When you suspend one or several users, it allows you to invite other users to join the platform in their place in order to make better use of the acquired licences. If you don’t want to invite other users, then you can reduce the number of users at the end of your current subscription.

I've just converted guest users into team members, or team members into guest users, what impact does this have?

You can convert team members into guest users or vice versa as long as you have the necessary number of licences to make these changes. If you don’t have enough licences for team members or guest users, an alert will propose that you purchase the necessary additional number of licences.

What are the authorized payment methods?

Payments are made online by Credit Card and Bank transfer (only available for a yearly subscription)

What does Powered by Chargebee mean?

talkspirit uses the Chargebee online service to manage payments methods and billing.

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