With talkspirit, you can assign users to posts.

When a user wants to show another user that he has something to do with this post, he can assign this user. The assigned user will be notified (within the notifications center and by email depending on his preferences).

Users can also assign themselves in order to know on which posts they have actions to take.

Publish a post with assignments

When publishing, you can assign users directly.

  • Click on the + button to show additional info
  • Click on the + button located immediately to the right of Assigned to to assign new users

Only recipients can be assigned. If a user is assigned but is not a recipient, the assignment won't be generated. All the recipients can add / remove assignments.

Modify assignments on published posts

When a post is published,

  • If a post does not have any assignments, you can add some from the actions menu.
  • If a post has already some assignments, they are displayed at the bottom of the post.
  • When you click on a user's picture, a little popover appear so that you can remove the assignment.

Find my assignments

In 1 click, a user can find all his assignments.

In list mode, a little user icon shows posts containing assignments.

Looking for assignments

From the search bar, you can find assignments concerning one specific user. You can also find all the posts having at least one assignment.

Manage notifications preferences

Each user can decide, from its preferences, to receive or not an email each time he is assigned by another user.

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