A group is a place to share information and work collaboratively on a specific topic (e.g. an occupation, a theme, a project). It brings together members, and can also welcome invited guest users.

A group is defined by an image, a title, a description and a level of access.

The group is administered by one or several group managers.

Different types of group

An open group is accessible by all members. You can also invite guest users to join this group; they won't be able to see other open groups.

A private group is a restricted group only accessible by authorized members (who have either been accepted or invited). 

Private groups can be: 

  • Visible in the list of groups: team members will be able to request access if they are not a member
  • Hidden: only group members can log in and access the group. These members have all been invited to join by a group manager.

It is also possible to invite guest users to join these groups. They won't be able to see other visible private groups.

Member's privileges within a group

Having joined a group, members can: 

  • Share a post, comment and like content
  • Display / hide the group's content in the main news feed
  • Leave the group

According to privileges defined by an administrator and/or specifically by one or more group managers, members can also:  

  • Invite other users to join
  • Remove members from the group
  • Add and configure services for the group
  • Add and manage the group's labels

Group managers can:

  • Edit a group's information
  • Change the privacy level of a group
  • Modify the privileges of the group
  • Confer group manager rights on a member or revoke these

Creating a group

By default, all members can create a group. The administrator can change these settings to restrict the creation of groups to administrators only.

To create a group, click on Create a group visible in the left-hand navigation menu.

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