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In this introduction page we've put together some tips and links to help you get started. This page changes with the feedback of our users. Please feel free to send us your questions and suggestions on how we can help you get to grips with the platform. 

Discover the interface

The talkspirit interface is made of 2 major areas: a space for collaboration and information sharing within groups and a communication area using a chat system. 

Information sharing is carried out by means of posts in groups accessible from a left-hand navigation menu, or direct messages addressed to one or several users. The publication bar allows you to publish content or a direct message, along with attached documents if necessary.

The news feed brings together in one place all posts in all the groups you have joined and direct messages exchanged.

On the right of the screen, the chat function allows you to communicate with one or several people instantaneously.

Updating your profile and preferences

In order to be identified within your organization, start by updating your profile and setting preferences.

Click on the settings icon at the bottom of the left-hand column and choose Information to update your profile information.

Click on the settings icon then choose Language to change the language of service, or Notifications to change your notification preferences, or Customization to customize the graphic interface.  

Discovering groups

Groups make collaboration and information sharing within the organization easier.

By default, at your arrival you could have joined one or several groups chosen by your administrator. Click on the Join link in the left-hand navigation menu to explore and join other groups.

Get chatting

The chat function makes communication within your team easier.

Click on the + icon visible at the top of the vertical chat bar found on the right-hand side of your screen to search for users who you are likely to contact.

Learn more about chat 

Download mobile apps

talkspirit is available on the Google Play (Android) and on the App Store (iOS). If you have a Windows Phone you can access to the mobile version of talkspirit through your web browser.


Invite your colleagues and partners to join your team

Imagine all of your information streams brought together in one place, your team and partners being contactable with one click in order to communicate, share information, provide mutual support for one another and more. talkspirit makes this possible.   

Invite people you work with, whether they are part of your team or outside your organization. A user outside your organization, invited as a guest, will only be able to view the group(s) you have invited him to join.  

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