When you are no longer online, talkspirit allows you to receive notifications in your browser or directly in your email inbox.

Notifications are activated:

  • When a new content (post or comment) is posted in a group you have joined and whose content is displayed on your news feed
  • When you receive a direct message
  • When a new message is posted in one of your chat conversations
  • When you are mentioned in a post or a chat message
  • when you have been assigned to a contribution

To manage your notification preferences outside of the platform click on Notifications

Activating / deactivating email notifications

You can activate email notifications to be notified of the latest activity posted on your news feed, when you are mentioned in a post, or when you receive a direct message.

  • Select the frequency with which you wish to receive a email notifications (daily is the frequency selected by default)
  • Select whether to receive email notifications each time you are mentioned in a post, or when you receive a direct message. (you receive these by default)
  • Click on Save

Activating / deactivating desktop notifications

Desktop notifications are activated by default, as are audible notifications.

  • Select or deselect Desktop notifications and sounds to activate or deactivate them
  • Click on Save

How the activities notification email works

The activities notification email can be enabled with an hourly, a daily or a weekly frequency. It's sent only if you did not log in during the last period.

ex: if it's configured with a daily frequency, emails are sent every 24h (at 7am, Paris time). If you did log in during the last 24h, you won't get the email.

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