1. A small badge is displayed in the left-hand navigation menu next to the news feed or next to a group name when new content (posts or comments) has been posted in groups you are a member of and which you have chosen to display in your news feed.

A NEW icon will appear on each new content.

2. A desktop notification will appear at the top right of the screen each time new content (posts or comments) has been posted. You need to be inactive to see this notification. The functionality is not compatible with Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

3. A bell notification will appear in the top of the left-hand navigation menu when:

  • A user mentions you or mentions all group members
  • A user assigns you to a contribution
  • One of your polls receives a vote
  • A user has liked your contribution
  • A new group has been created
  • A user grants you admin rights
  • A user asks to join a private group you are a group admin of
  • A group administrator add you to a group
  • A request to join a private group has been accepted
  • An event you're going to attend will start
  • A new user registers (admins only)
  • A user refuses an invitation to join the platform (admins only)

4. You will see a red badge in your browser tab when there are new activities on the platform or when you have received new messages

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