In addition to group messages, talkspirit offers you the ability to communicate in real time with one or several users.

Chatting with one user

  • Click the + users icon at the top of the right-hand chat bar
  • Click the name of the user you want to engage the conversation with

Chatting with several users

Chat room with several users

Open a private conversation then click on the + Add a participant input to start a multi-user chat.

A new discussion will be created. You can add as many participants as you want.

Group chat room

You can also create a chat room for a group. The members of the chat room are automatically synchronized with the members of the group.

  • When you create a new group, you can enable the chat room by clicking the Enable chat room setting
  • When the group already exists, you can open information panel of the group and click the Create button (group administrators only).
  • Once the room is created, it can be unlinked with the Unlink the dedicated chat room link. The room will remain, its members will be the members of the group, but there won't be any synchronization anymore. If you click again on Create a dedicated chat room, a new room will be created.
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