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talkspirit is an information sharing and communications platform for teams and beyond these, organizations.

In this guide, we'd like to support you as an administrator and share with you some keys steps to successfully deploying your talkspirit platform.

We hope that you'll find this guide useful. We'd be happy to see it evolve with your feedback.

Addressing configuration settings

Go the platform's Manage page to review the platform's different configuration settings.

Platform access settings

In the General tab, verify the conditions that allow a user to access the platform. By specifying one or more domain names associated with their email, you can allow all your organization's users to create their account. If not, users need to be invited to join the platform, either by you or any other member already inscribed (except for guest users).

Default groups

By default, members automatically join the General group on their first connection to the platform. In this section you can add groups you would like to see them automatically join upon connection. These groups will be immediately visible in their left-hand navigation menu, and their news will be visible in the member's news feed as soon as they connect to the platform.

Group settings

By default, talkspirit allows a member to create groups, invite members to join groups, and connect web services within groups. In this way, members can add the features they need without being limited in their choices. We encourage this practice.

For organisations that need to manage these parameters, talkspirit also allows features to be enabled that limit user privileges. Learn more about privileges.

User management

In the Users tab, you can access a list of all inscribed users, including external guest users that have been invited to join the platform. Regularly check the Sent invitations section to identify invitations that have not yet been activated. We recommend that you name several administrators.

Customization settings

Change the platform's graphic theme, upload your logo and apply the colors to your style guide in the Customization tab. The chosen theme will be displayed for members that join your platform.

Identification settings

To make user login easier, we offer the possibility to enable Google, Microsoft Azure, and Linkedin authentication services. Go to the Authentication tab to activate these options.

Getting Started

talkspirit is designed for teams looking for a simple solution for information sharing and day-to-day communication. Now it's up to you!

Updating your profile

Are you the first one on the platform? It's up to you to set an example! At a minimum, upload a photo and enter some information about yourself in your profile before inviting your colleagues and partners to join your platform.

Inviting the first users

Now invite some users from your team to join the platform by entering their email address using the + Invite members link :

Create the first groups

Create your first groups to share information within. Unless it is really necessary, we recommend you leave these groups “open”.

What groups to create? Most often, the creation of groups is done on an “as needed” basis. Start little by little. However, if you need to create a group architecture for your organization, here are the types of group most frequently seen:

  • Themed group: This type of group privileges information sharing and monitoring around a theme or a subject.
  • Location group: for organizations having several physical locations
  • Project group: for sharing all relevant information within a project team, including external partners
  • Functional group: for sharing content between people of the same profession
  • Group associated with a web service: for connected web services which are likely to post a large amount of information (for example, a twitter group), having a dedicated group is often the best approach.

Delegate management

The person that created the group automatically becomes the group manager. In addition to administrator rights, name other group managers in each group top allow them to take control of a groups' management, in accordance with the group administration settings that we reviewed earlier.

Sharing first content

For each group that has been created, post a welcome message specifying, for example, the purpose of the group. Invite the first users to join by expressly inviting them from within the group, or mention them using the @ character to draw their attention.

Enriching content

Format you content by highlighting the text. When you insert a link, you'll see an overview of the site in question automatically appear.

Click on the 🙂 icon to insert emojis to better represent your feelings.Drag and drop files in the post area to attach them. It's as simple as that, and that's why it works!

Working with talkspirit

Sharing content using web services

One of talkspirit's key features is the ability to centralize in the same interface activity notifications from web services that you use to keep yourself up to date.

When you create a group, ask yourself what content creates the most value for those who will join. What essential information would group members like to find to allow them to be more effective in their projects? If this content is found on a web-based solution, there will invariably be a way to export it into your platform.

Here are some of the more frequent uses of web services:

  • Business intelligence: To enhance your intelligence on a topic, enable RSS services or Twitter to access corresponding posts in talkspirit.
  • Monitoring of your company or your competitors: activate Facebook, Twitter or RSS services related to your public pages or those of companies you want to follow
  • Track project activities: activate services corresponding to the project management tools that you use to be notified of the creation of new activities or a change in their status.
  • Track commercial activity: activate services corresponding to your CRM solution to be notified of the creation of new opportunities or a change in their status.
  • Obtain client feedback: to share client feedback, questions or difficulties met, activate the services associated with your support channels.

Talkspirit can be connected with more than 500 web services (integrated natively or using the Zapier service). Have you got developers in your team? Using its webhooks and its API, talkspirit offers you unlimited integration of services.

Start the conversation, ask for feedback

Communicating, providing mutual aid, asking for feedback throughout the day are all key features of talkspirit, which helps bring team together and speed up their decision-making process. Comments, direct messages and chat are 3 ways to start a conversation on talkspirit, in private or in public, one-to-one or among several.

Open the chat panel and add members of your team to speak with them when they're online.

Share files

talkspirit interfaces with the main cloud file sharing services currently available. Connect your platform to the one you use to access and share documents more easily in your posts or within groups. Connectors can be activated in the Files tab.

In your groups, Highlight the most important documents by dragging and dropping them into the Files tab and by adding them in a folder. Thereby, they will be more easily accessible for group members.

Work with labels

Labels allow additional meaning to be given to shared posts. Classification by theme, status, stage or a workflow...it's over to you to decide how you use them to enhance your team's productivity.


All content shared within talkspirit, including attached files and group documents can be searched. You can refine you search using filters :

For a successful talkspirit experience

Compatibility with web browsers

talkspirit is available as a web-based application for browsers: Google Chrome 40+, Firefox 37+, Safari 9+, IE11, Edge. Verify that one of these browsers is supported in your organization.

Check restrictions and possible filtering

To avoid the risk of our emails to you being classified as spam, verify that the domain talkspiritmail.com is authorized.

talkspirit for mobile

Encourage users to download talkspirit's mobile application within Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS). For Windows Phone users, they can access to the talkspirit mobile version through they web browser.

talkspirit for desktop

talkspirit is also available as a desktop application to download and install on your Mac, Linux Ubuntu or Windows (Windows 7+) environment. This way, you'll have a desktop shortcut to easily access talkspirit.

Integrations and bots

The quality of talkspirit's integration with your applications and solutions is key to its success. We're currently working on bots to help teams be more productive in a work environment that we'd like to be the most straightforward and user-friendly. You can help us in this task by suggesting features that would be of most use to you via our ideas forum.

Other resources

To learn more about talkspirit:

Check out our blog: blog.talkspirit.com/en/

Our help center: https://talkspiritv3.zendesk.com

Questions? suggestions?

Contact us at [email protected] or using our help center, we'd be happy to hear from you.

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