Below you'll find definitions for the key terms used on the platform.


Real-time communication with one or several users, found in the platform's right-hand menu.

Direct messages

A post sent to one or several users only.

Group administrator

Members authorized to manage a group's different parameters (edit group information, manage privileges, manage labels). By default, the user that created the group becomes it's manager.


A space for information sharing, conversation and collaboration. A group can be open, private or secret. Users that have joined a group are called group members.


A user that has joined the platform.


Referring to one or several users in a conversation by using @. A bell notification will be sent to the mentioned user(s).

News feed

News feed of the content posted within different groups joined by a user, and which the user has chosen to display on their homepage. The news feed can be displayed in list mode, card mode or summary mode.


An alert informing a user about new activity. There are two different types of alert depending on the user's status (online or offline).


Content shared manually by a member within a group, or automatically using an integrated service connected to the platform.


talkspirit allows more than 500 web services to be connected to the platform. Each integrated service allows a group's members to be automatically notified about activity specific to this service.

talkspirit URL

Also called a domain. This is the address which enables you to connect to your platform. The URL always ends in


A user is someone who has access (with a username and password) to your platform. The user can be a member or a guest.

A user who is a team member can have different privileges on the platform.

  • Owner: the user who created the platform. They can access the administrator space, sign up for a paid subscription and delete the platform.
  • Administrator: a user with access to the administrator space and to the advanced functions of the platform.
  • Guest user: a user who can only access the groups he has been invited to join and who has limited access to certain functions.
  • Suspended user: the user can no longer access the platform.
  • Suspended and anonymized user: the user can no longer access the platform and all their publications and comments are made anonymous.
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