To create your platform:

  • Sign up by entering your email address on the site
  • In the confirmation email that is sent to you, click on the Create my organization button found in the body of the mail
  1. Choose the name of your organization and your platform's domain name. You domain can only contain alphanumeric characters and dashes. Be careful, this address cannot be changed.
  2. Fill in your firstname, your lastname and choose your password
  3. Enter details on your project / organization
  4. Click on the Create button

Congratulations, you have created your talkspirit platform. It's time to configure it according to your preferences.

Here are some tips :

  • Members and guests: from the Administration section, define the rules for connecting to your platform. You can choose between allowing people to connect to your platform if they have a specific email domain, or manually invite them to connect. Learn more about members and guest users.

  • Create your team: To start with, invite a few colleagues by entering their email addresses. They will then receive an email inviting them to connect to your platform.

  • Create your first group: An initial collaborative and sharing space is automatically created during your first connection. All the members of your team can access this group and join it to participate. Learn more about groups.

  • Share your first post. Take advantage of this first post to welcome users who are going to join your platform. talkspirit allows you to share information with all of a group's members or a few users only (using direct messaging). With web services, you can also be notified of events outside your platform using automatic posts shared within groups.
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